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Holloway Family Testimonies


I was baptized as a 9 year old boy after I repeated a salvation prayer, and I hung on to that experience until I was 27. On October 26, 2008, the Holy Ghost showed me I was lost. I repented of my sins and placed my trust in Christ and placed my faith in Jesus as my only way of salvation. That is when I began to know my lifewas different and I had victory over the sin that once held me hostage. I never had that victory with the experience of being lead in a prayer that I did not even really remember what I said just the person that lead me in the prayer, and I did not want to disappoint that person. Now I can say that Holy Ghost conviction lead me to the altar on October 26, 2008 and lead me into repentance and complete salvation by faith through Grace and not of anything I could have ever done of myself. The burdens of sins were taken away and newness of life was begun, and now praise God, through Christ I have victory over the sins that once had me bound. 


I grew up in church and grew up holding on to the salvation experience I believe I had as a six year old girl during a nighttime prayer before bed one night. I remember being scared that I was going to die and go to hell and I prayed a prayer and simply asked Jesus to live in my heart. Twenty six years later during a revival on November 4, 2011 I sat in church under conviction and wondered why I felt it because I was holding on to what had happened when I was six years old. I left church that night still under conviction and prayed that if it was true conviction that it wouldn’t leave until I got things settled with the Lord. I began to pray and realized that as a six year old little girl I didn’t get saved. I didn’t understand, as a little girl, that I needed to repent of my sins and come to the realization that Jesus died for all my sins past, present, and future. That night on November 4, 2011 in our living room I became gloriously saved.

Kelley and I were married on September 22, 2001, as many young couples we got out of church and lived for ourselves, but by God's grace and mercy, He brought us back into a good fundamental independent Baptist Church. We have two girls Grace,13 and Emma, 9 . Both of our girls have made a profession of faith in The Lord Jesus Christ. We believe in not trying to talk them into faith and not talking them out of it either. We teach and live what we teach and trust the Word of God to do the work of God unto salvation.We thank The Lord for our girls and thank The Lord they both have a heart for the mission field. Please pray they will keep their eyes on Jesus and a heart for His will to be done in their lives.

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