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Answered Prayers

  • God has taken care of the Holloway family (Supplied and safety)
  • Added students to the Bible College
  • On March 7th Brother Pious, a student with GBBC at Nebbi Baptist visited a new area for us that will soon be a new chuch plant if The Lord is willing.
  • We hosted the Noles family and Overton family in March 2015 and they have both surrendered to mission work in Uganda.
  • Both The Noles and Overton families have direction on were The Lord wants them to be ministering in Uganda.
  • The Taft Family has announced their call to labor in South Sudan from Northern Uganda.
  • More to come maybe from the other side........
  • (moved form the other side..Glory) We are praying for a vehicle for Uganda. - We have purchased a Toyota Noah VAN
  • The Nole and Overton families have made it to Uganda and have started in their ministries, praise the Lord

Prayer Request

  • Wisdom for every decision that has to be made for the family as well as the ministry. (cost: priceless)
  • Souls to be saved through this ministry. Families and lives to be changed for the glory of Jesus Christ The Lord (cost: priceless)
  • Financial needs to be met for the family and ministry.
  • Safety for all the persons in this ministry
  • We pray for God protection, providing, and peace for all our supporting churches and their members.
  • Lost Family members back home to get saved and live for Jesus. (cost: priceless)
  • The Lord to send forth more laborers to help in this ministry.
  • All of the national Pastors we are working with to have the hand of God on them and the heart of God within them
  • Each one of the students of Gateway Baptist Bible College to be drawn closer to Jesus and have a desire to be used for His glory
  • Gateway of Hope in Jinja to have a permanent church building.
  • Souls added into the Church in Jinja town and the Bible preaching churches in the refugee camp of the South Sudaneses
  • We are praying for a building to headquarter this multi - country ministry. (cost $300,000 (reduced to $265,000) this is a building for sale in Jinja town that is already setup for this type of ministry since the one selling it, had this type of ministry but are trying to more to Kenya)
  • We are praying to register our South Sudan vehicle in Uganda since the we have to pay monthly taxes to keep it here and can be refused at anytime. (cost $4,000)
  • Motorbikes for the men to use while going out evangelizing. (cost $1,400 each)
  • Praying for more labors for this ministry to be call by God to help with the expansion. (cost your life for Christ)
  • Building of Mission Compound in Arua for reaching South Sudaneses. (Housing and Bible School with dorms) 
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