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God opened the door to us in Kenya during late 2015. Pastor Bernard Fwamba contacted our mission director about helping with training men in the Bungoma area and helping to plant indigenous Baptist churches. After a time of prayer we reached out to Pastor Fwamba to get a better understanding of what he was wanting to accomplish in his area. After much communication with this Pastor God finally opened the door for me to take a trip to Bungoma, Kenya.

During this trip I was amazed at how hungry the people are for the word of God. I was able to visit 8 different indigenous Baptist churches and was allowed to preach at the charter service of Neema (Grace) Baptist Church where they have 17 members. During the service there were 2 men that were saved and they were baptized that next week. There were over 100 people saved during my 5 day trip to this area.

There is now a satellite school of our Bible college in Mayayi Baptist Church where the pastor is Bernard Fwamba. There are 16 students now learning the true word of God in this area of Kenya. We are excited to see what the Lord is going to do in this area and we are humbled that He would choose us to have a part in it. Please pray that the men will continue to stand strong with what they are learning and take the truth of the Bible to their people and local churches.

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